Please read our preliminary notifications.


Thank you for your interest in our mortgage products!

A complete application speeds up your loan process so please answer as many questions as possible. Instructions are available for most questions through the help feature within the application. If you require additional assistance in filling out the application email us at and you will receive an answer by email.

Timely receipt of supporting documentation will also speed up the loan process. Please review the Document Checklist (available on the main page) and gather copies of those documents applicable to you.

You are able to upload documents to us right here through your application.  Simply follow the upload instructions and send us all of the docments needed, in one quick and easy process.  There is no more need to photocopy, fax, or bring docments to a branch.  It's that easy!

You must pay for the credit report before we can request it. During the application process you will have the opportunity to securely provide us with information on a Schools account or credit card from which we can pull that fee. (If you are applying for our Short-Term, Low-Rate Mortgage we do not require this information.) Please refer to the Fees tab above for specific cost information.  

Once you submit your complete application you will be contacted by our Professional Loan Counselors. They will review your application, tell you how to submit your documents and answer any other questions you may have before they submit your loan request.

You will be mailed notification of the loan status once credit has been pulled and your file has been underwritten. The interest rate on the loan cannot be locked until your loan has been approved and we have received your signed “receipt of disclosure” certification and additional out-of-pocket fees.

If you are applying for our Short-Term, Low-Rate Mortgage the rates are not locked and you will not be required to provide out-of-pocket fees. Instead, you will receive the rate in effect either at the time of your application or when your final loan documents are prepared, whichever is lower. 

By submitting this application, you authorize the Credit Union to gather, from time to time, credit and employment information the Credit Union considers necessary and appropriate. The Credit Union may provide information concerning its credit experience with you to others. You are also certifying that all information provided by you on this application is true and correct, and you understand that additional information may be needed to process this loan request.